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Hardwood flooring Archaeology and the history of of hardwood floorlaying ,Sanding  And finishing in Vancouver, BC Canada

Some of the history involves the people : From whom I have learned.

     Raymond Crompton ( more than a legend )The Nicest Man I've ever known.

Was the first to introduce spraying of moisture cured urethane on Gymnasium floors.

Invented apparatus to sand head walls on racquet courts.

He and His company sets the standard of excellence even till this day

     Klause Chilasky( introduces Glitsa(tm)Bacca & poly urethane hybrid finish

     Johnny MacMillan( Major talent  & knowledge )

     Joe White( all the way back to when floors were filled with linseed putty and rubbed off with gasoline and a burlap sack.

coating was done with Varnish

His theory& skill on trowel ling   became the mainstay of the hardwood industry of the time

      Larry Friesen( in loving memory) My friend  past 1988

      T Brent Rourke (in fond memory) brought the use of a 90lb polisher 16'' screen over raw wood.

      Gordy Holtz ( one of the first non union contractors . He devised his own nailing pattern of one nail per board rows of 5 inches)

the only standard used at the time was 2 nails per board and rows of 6&1/2'' ( on inch and a third select flatgrain floors)

     Herb Burnstad( another contractor who established in approx 1956. a excellent Tradesman and co.

    Delmar Duex( another flooring contractor who was one of the first to break off the main flooring companies of the era late 1950's

To be Continued.................

The other side is the treMain pageasures some hidden .

Belmont Drive Vancouver Lies a home over looking English  Narrows

The quality of the entire home was like a cross between Buckingham Palace and Gloria Vanderbilt's mansion.

The wine vault s door was 6 feet High and 9 ft wide with a brass loop door handle about the size of and old 33LP.

Inside this wine cellar there were three tiers and ladders to reach everything about the size of a 2000 Sqft.home .

There was also hidden passage ways from the house to an underground boat house in the rock cliffs face.

This home was once owned by Nelson Skellbania  A former Gladstone High School Graduate

He also went to school with my Mother  June Evelyn Layton.

The hardwood floors:

The turret on the home a three level medieval  stone tower. Had  a sundial on each level so three.

The oily teak parquet surrounds the compass or the field.

half an arm of American Cherry , Half and arm I Black Walnut

the sundial arms are cut into this chevron by had the point as sharp as a knife.

The Sub floor was impressive

2 x 10'' joists that were finish capped from underneath And filled completely with sand.

to be continued